And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people. Ephesians 6:18

  • May 1

    Pray for boldness for mission teams this summer as they travel to take and share the Gospel with the nations. Pray for the hearts of people to be open and receptive to the GOOD NEWS! 

  • May 2

    Praise God for The League translators who make it possible to share the Gospel in 19 languages. Pray for an increase in those who will be able to hear the Gospel because of the gift of translation.

  • May 3

    Pray for the League’s daily operations. Pray that we would, above all else, glorify God in all of our relationships, communications, systems, and processes. Ask for divine direction as we move forward.

  • May 4

    Pray for effective strategy and leadership for The League’s COO, Rick Jones, as he leads the ministry. Pray for God’s favor in both decisions and processes.

  • May 5

    Pray for an increase in sponsors to help cover the cost of Gospel orders for members that are unable to donate. Ask for an abundance of people who are willing to give generously to cover these orders.

  • May 6

    Pray for divine direction for our Development Team: Jeff Meadows, Chuck Cameron, and Rich Wilson. Pray that God would direct and lead our development strategies and processes.

  • May 7

    Pray for Gospel presentations that The League has organized in Indonesia and Brazil. Ask God to prepare open hearts and minds as others hear the Word of God in their own language.

  • May 8

    Pray for The League’s CEO, David Collum, as he leads the ministry using God’s wisdom and direction. Pray for renewed strength and favor over his leadership efforts and abilities.

  • May 9

    Pray for previous members who have lost contact with the League. Pray for renewed engagement as we attempt to reach them and reconnect past relationships.

  • May 10

    Praise God for Mike Brickley and Jim West as they faithfully lead The Pocket Testament League and staff. Ask God to continue to bless and prosper all that they do.

  • May 11

    Pray for League Members in Russian and Korean-speaking countries – that many will hear God’s Word and be receptive to NEW life in Christ. Pray for more opportunities to spread the Gospel in these areas.

  • May 12

    Pray for the League’s mission to read, carry, and share the Gospel. Pray for new members and financial partners! Ask God to increase our efforts in each area, and provide a renewed passion to complete the mission.

  • May 13

    “A woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.” Proverbs 31:30 Happy Mother’s Day! Praise God for the mothers and women who commit to supporting their families through love and prayer. Pray for those who have lost a mother or have yet to become a mother. May the God of all comfort surround them today.

  • May 14

    Pray for wisdom and creative solutions for our technology team: Damon, Bates, and Dave. Ask that God would continue to bless our communication efforts as we attempt to reach more people through technology.

  • May 15

    Pray for stewardship partners to help cover the sponsorship requests from our Members who are sharing Gospels daily. Praise God that He provides all that we need according to His riches in Christ.

  • May 16

    Praise God for our partnership in China! Pray for God’s love and Word to continue to spread to many nations. Pray for a hunger and thirst for the Word in China and surrounding areas.

  • May 17

    Pray for the resources and opportunities to continue reaching the nations. Pray for those in other countries who have never heard the GOOD NEWS. Ask for supernatural doors to open and willing hearts to share.

  • May 18

    Pray for creativity for our international marketing team as they spread the Gospel worldwide. Pray for continued blessings over our communications efforts and relationships worldwide.

  • May 19

    Pray for supernatural protection for the PTL staff and families as they faithfully serve to share the Gospel. Ask that God would provide supernaturally for all that is needed.

  • May 20

    Pray for our Marketing team—Mollie Yoder, Kristin Martin and Katie Davis—as they develop our Member communications.  Pray for increased wisdom and favor as they develop ways to engage and connect through communication outlets.

  • May 21

    Pray for our partners in the United Kingdom and Germany – that people will hear the life-changing messages of Hope. Ask God to move mightily in these areas and increase the desire to hear God’s Word.

  • May 22

    Pray for renewed minds today! Pray that believers would willingly share the HOPE they have in Christ. As the world grows darker, we have the opportunity to be LIGHT to people everywhere.

  • May 23

    Pray for the member care team: Donna, Lisa, Nikki, and Fumiko as they care for our members. Pray for each connection and relationship that they develop to be a blessing to each person.

  • May 24

    Pray for our Partner Gospel program. Pray for new partners and Gospels to be developed, and ask that God would use partner Gospels to reach communities nationwide.

  • May 25

    Pray for those who are presenting and sharing through League presentations. Pray for those attending, that God would increase partnerships through these connections and presentations.

  • May 26

    Pray for favor for Charity Medina as she manages The League’s daily operations efforts. Pray for an abundance of inspiration and wisdom as she oversees the day to day functions of the League.

  • May 27

    Praise God for the work in Hong Kong and Japan! Pray for God’s Word to come alive in His people and that a renewed hunger for the Word would be stirred in hearts.

  • May 28

    Celebrate those who have given their lives for our country and our freedom. Happy Memorial Day! Praise God for their bravery. Pray for those who have lost loved ones. Thank the Lord for being close to the broken hearted.

  • May 29

    Pray for the Gospels in French and Italian – that many people will understand the love of Christ! Pray for these communities to be drawn to an eternal hope and love that is found in the Gospel.

  • May 30

    Pray for League members who speak and present as we partner with churches and communities. Pray for endurance and boldness as they faithfully serve the League.

  • May 31

    Praise God for the work in Vietnam and Cambodia! Pray for God’s love to consume His people. Ask that God’s love would create a desire to share His Word with those who need to hear.



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